What did you do?

So what does a new to being at home mom do all day? Seriously. Moms, help me out here. I went from working non-stop for 4 years, sometimes having multiple jobs, to sitting on my butt most of the day watching netflix and cleaning different parts of the house. Is this seriously what life is going to be from now on?

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching my daughter grow and develop her personality. She is fascinating! But I’ve been gaining weight because Texas is too hot to do anything outside, especially with a baby, so I’m sitting a lot. Plus we only have one car, which my husband takes to work, so I’m literally stuck at home. So what do you do? I need motivation to work out. Motivation to start a new hobby. I JUST NEED MOTIVATION!

So what do you other moms do? How did you find your motivation? What did you do? I also want to continue helping my husband and make money for our family! I want to work! But I don’t have a BA, so I’m only qualified for certain things and that is the most frustrating thing right now. Maybe I could do that from home…. finish getting my degree?


One thought on “What did you do?

  1. Ariel

    Hey, I figured out how to reply!

    I’m obviously not a mom (yet) so what I say only counts for so much. But I have a grown-up lawyer friend who went through law school as a new mom. She said raising a small child and working on a degree went very well together. I thought she was a crazy, but reading your post, I think I understand it a little more now. I think this would be a great time to work on an online degree, if you’re into that.

    If you’d rather go for a different kind of personal goal (maybe something creative?) I find it really helps me to find other people who are into the same thing, even if they live a thousand miles away, so we can urge each other on. I definitely write more when I can find friends who agree to write with me.

    That said, I think your life will pick up the pace again once the small one is up and walking around making mischief. So there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your veg out time while it lasts.


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